Star goalie makes shocking demand that could ruin his future with team!

Does you believe he has the rights for such a request?

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Players across the National Hockey League do not always make headlines when demands are made on contract lengths or salaries, however, when one request jumps out of the lot, you better believe media will pick it up and wonder if the player in question deserves what he is asking for. It now seems that the Columbus Blue Jackets are facing some heat after their star goalie Sergei Bobrovsky has reportedly made shocking demands. 

According to team insider Aaron Portzline of The Athletic, while there hasn't been loads of chatter on what the Russian netminder might be looking for in his next contract, it is believed to be quite the promotion. His agent, Paul Theofanous, has remained quiet about his client's requests and wishes. The story is however different with what The Athletic has found out and revealed to the public: 

"Paul Theofanous has had nothing to say publicly about his client’s desires or demands. But sources tell The Athletic that the Blue Jackets and Theofanous have not actively negotiated for some time now, that the gap between initial offers was a job for Santiago Calatrava. The Blue Jackets seem content to carry Bobrovsky into the final year of his contract. It is widely assumed that Bobrovsky, a two-time Vezina Trophy winner, is looking for “Carey Price money,” that he wants to be the highest-paid goaltender in the NHL. Montreal signed Price last year to an eight-year, $84 million contract extension that it regretted almost before the ink dried. It’s unclear whether the Blue Jackets will bow to Bobrovsky’s vanity and make him the league’s highest-paid goaltender, given how he’s struggled in the postseason."

Of course, when you look at the fact that Bobrovsky struggled in this past postseason, bumping him $3 million per season may not be something the Blue Jackets are willing to do. But we also know that, at this point and looking at this past season's numbers, even Carey Price is not worth Carey Price money... Reports are Montreal has already come to regret the money they handed out to Price, and it seems that the Jackets want to prevent the same thing from taking place in Columbus. 

There is still time to get a deal done but if the two sides aren't talking, the Blue Jackets could be a team to watch when it comes to making moves this season, especially closer to the February's trade deadline, even though Bobrovsky's desires have been made public...