Subban and Laine go at it, Subban drops like he’s been shot by a sniper and limps off the ice

Things are getting ugly in Nashville! Stay on your feet PK!

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In the dying second of the second period of today’s Game 2 action between the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets, Preds defenseman P.K. Subban and Jets sniper Patrik Laine got tangled up in front of the Preds bench, leading to a nasty exchange between the two superstar players.

Laine leans into Subban along the boards, which Subban takes exception too as Laine falls to the ice. While attempting to get up, Laine is chopped down by a wicked cross check from Subban, that’s when Laine’s teammate Paul Stastny steps in to dole out some punishment. 

Here’s the play in question:

Wow… double whammy! Watch it again and look closely after Stastny cross checks Subban. See Laine give Subban a healthy whack in the leg on the way down?

That’s pretty vicious… but… we have to ask the question: Did P.K. Subban get taken out by a sniper or something? Because that’s exactly what it looks like given his reaction. Is he in pain? Most definitely. Is he also embellishing in an attempt to get a call? Most definitely. You don't drop down like that right in front of the referees unless you're in severe pain or unless you're trying to draw a penalty.

For what it’s worth, Subban did not draw a penalty, nor receive a penalty for embellishment on the play. Just moments later though, things would devolve into mayhem deep in the Jets' zone. Colton Sissons absolutely TRUCKED Bryan Little, leading to a bit of a melee between the two squads to end out the period:


Get a load of Jets monster Dustin Byfuglien handling two Preds players by himself:

Dustin Byfuglien: The real life Boogey Man.

Regardless of whether you're a Jets fan or a Preds fan... it's probably pretty safe to say that this series is officially ON. And if you have no allegiances to either team, if you're just a fan of good, old school hard hockey, you'll absolutely love this series. 

Update: Subban appears no worse for wear and is on the ice to start the third period. You can bet that he'll be getting a steady diet of Laine for the rest of this game.