Subban gets emotional on The Daily Show

P.K. is never one to hold back his emotions...

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Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban was Trevor Noah’s guest on Wednesday night’s episode of The Daily Show, as he went on to promote this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game where he will captain the Central Division All-Stars.

During the interview, Subban was asked by Noah about his landmark $10 million donation to Montreal Children’s Hospital when the host asked: 

"Did you add a zero by mistake? I’ve done that,” Noah said. 

Though the crowd and Noah were laughing about his comment, Subban’s explanation remains quite emotional.

I get that question a lot because it’s one thing to donate and give back [but] another way to look at it is why $10 million? I think it comes down to everybody had their own personal life experiences,” explained Subban, who recalled going to an earthquake-ravaged Haiti with World Vision as a 19- or 20-year-old.

I got to know a little boy named Alex Shapiro through my old minor hockey coach, and still close friend and family friend, Martin Ross, and he coached [Alex]. I got to know Alex very, very closely, and his parents and his family, and was actually in touch with him until literally his last moments before he passed away,” Subban explained. “For me, that made me want to give back in a different way and really have a significant impact. And not just give back where everyone could say, ‘Wow, that’s great,’ but give back where I could actually make a difference."

Subban met Alex Shapiro when the youth hockey player was 10-years-old, as the kid was battling cancer. During the last NHL lockout, Subban made Alex his special guest at a charity game called the RBC Play Hockey Charity Challenge held on December 19, 2012.

Unfortunately, Alex passed away five months later. 

Today, Subban is still looking to make a difference and help kids like Alex. 

When I was presented the opportunity to do something like this with the $10-million donation to the hospital in Montreal, I didn’t even think twice about it. They came down the [Highway] 401 to my house in Nobleton, Ont., and they presented it to me and I signed the papers right there. It was the perfect situation for me and to this point we’ve helped over probably 10,000 families and raised millions of dollars so I’m very very happy about that.

Class act.