Suspension coming for Vegas’ Perron?

Oh man… if Wilson gets off free and Perron gets busted, Vegas fans are going to lose it!

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In case you missed it last night, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson absolutely ROCKED Vegas Golden Knights forward Jonathan Marchessault with a late neutral zone hit that ended up sending Marchessault to the trainer’s room for concussion evaluation.

Here’s the hit:

Oof… that’s gotta hurt. You have to imagine that NHL Player Safety will review this hit for possible supplemental discipline. After all, the hit is not only very late, but it’s also a textbook blindside hit, as well. Marchessault doesn’t see Wilson coming and has no time to brace for an impact. In the end, Marchessault would shake things off and come back just a few shifts later.

In the ensuing mayhem following the hit though, Vegas forward David Perron jumped onto the ice from the bench and got into an altercation with Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, leading many fans to wonder why he wasn’t thrown out of the game for violating rule 70.10. The rule stipulates that “The first player to leave the players’ or penalty bench illegally during an altercation or for the purpose of starting an altercation from either or both teams shall be suspended without pay for the next 10 regular league and/or playoff games of his team.”

Ouch… that’s a steep price to pay. But, watch the video yourself… is it obvious that Perron is coming onto the ice just to “mix things up”? Or is he trying to get involved in the play? CBC color commentator Craig Simpson seems to think so. 

Check it out for yourself:

“Here’s the challenge though, I think Perron came off the bench…. I think he came off the bench and got involved.”
“Perron came on and hit Ovechkin… how do you not get kicked out of the game for that?”

Hmmm… tough to tell from this video, but it’s pretty clear to us that Perron is simply making a line change by jumping on the ice. For what it’s worth, Perron was NOT assessed a penalty or a game misconduct on the play, at least not for this play. He ended up getting into an altercation with Wilson which earned him two minutes in the box, but that was the extent of his penalty.

What do you think? Will Perron be suspended for this play? Or is this merely just a case of “it looks worse than it is?”