Swedish captain throws his silver medal into the crowd in disgust!

Not a moment he is going to be proud of.

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It's clear that Team Sweden's captain believes in the Ricky Bobby school of competition, "if you ain't first.... you're last."

On Friday night the Swede's fell short of their bid for a Gold Medal at the International Ice Hockey Federation's World Junior Championship, and during the medal ceremony 19-year-old Lias Andersson did the unthinkable.

Likely disgusted at his own performance as well as the fact that the team failed to achieve their goal, Andersson took the medal off of his neck almost as soon as it was put on. Then a few seconds later in the top right-hand corner of the video you can see it being thrown into the crowd. 

It was an extremely emotional moment for the young man and it's hard to blame him for being extremely disappointing with the loss, however this is likely to leave the fans watching the incident with a very bad impression of the young center. 

Andersson was the 7th overall pick in the 2017 National Hockey League Entry draft where he was selected by the New York Rangers organization.

Update: There is now an update to this story courtesy of the fan who caught the medal. You can see that here.