Swedish pro player beats up kid cleaning the ice during the game, gets match penalty

Now here's something you don't see every day.

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One of the strangest things happened in a SHL hockey game today, between Malmo and Mora. And it's definitely not something you like to see happen, at any level of sport.

As is the routine, the ice crew came out during a pause in play to clean up the snow accumulated during the last sequence. The crew was mainly comprised of kids.

At one point, the kid in the video below was waiting for one of Malmo's players, Jens Olsson, to get out of the way so he could perform his job correctly.

Olsson would not move, seemingly annoyed by the kid from a previous incident earlier in the game. 

Instead, the kid decided to take matters into his own hands and take Olsson out from his feet with his shovel.

Here's the full clip.

Olsson immediately jumped at the kid, and was assessed a match penalty. Fortunately, his teammates and the refs intervened before any serious damage was done. 

Let's just say that the kid may have had it coming, as he is not without guilt in this incident. Still, a professional hockey player should know better, and definitely show some restraint, especially when a kid is involved.