Teams are setting up major trades that will take place imminently!

Wow! Lots of action coming up!

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The puzzle pieces are in place and we are about to see loads of action on the trade front. 

The trade deadline is only a few weeks away, and many wonder if it will be a quiet year. 

However, one NHL general manager has given Craig Custance of The Athletic a hint that major moves are on the way. 

There’s a ton of conversations going on right now,” said a GM. “You’re setting things up. Teams are asking about asking price. I think some of the smart ones will attack it in the next week or two.”

Last season, five trades took place in January with activity really picking up in mid-February. This time around, as the GM explained, we are getting to the point where conversations are starting to pick up league-wide.

Teams are entering bye weeks coming up and management will use the time to scout players and get a plan together to then start making moves. 

Then it’s off to the races.