The craziest thing the Caps did during Cup celebration finally revealed!

This is too good to be true!

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You've seen the picture, the viral videos of the Washington Capitals, and especially of captain and star player Alex Ovechkin, partying with the Stanley Cup, drunk and loose, having the time of his life. We know it was hard for him to part with the prestigious trophy, and now the Caps are kicking off the 2018-19 season with a bang, just where they left off last spring, as they currently hold a 2-0-1 record after three games. The overtime contest they loss was against their rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it ended by the mark of 7-6. 

You can see that crazy game recap in the video above, atop this article. 

And speaking of crazy, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman revealed in his latest 31 Thoughts on Sportsnet column, one of the funniest things that took place during the Cup celebration in Washington. It is quite the incident and we are pretty sure this fan will remember this forever. Here is how Friedman explains it: 

"Best story heard from the Capitals’ Stanley Cup celebration: The morning after they won, the travelling party could not find  Alex Chiasson  for the bus ride to the airport.
“We were like, ‘Where is this guy?’” said Mike Vogel, well-known to fans for writing the “Dump ’N Chase” blog at “We went knocking on the door and there was no answer…. So security opens the door, and there’s no one in this room.”
They packed his stuff, stepped out of the elevator into the hotel lobby and walked right into Chiasson. He had been in Starbucks.
“He said, ‘That’s not my luggage; mine is on the bus.’ I said, ‘No, we went to your room and packed it.’ He said, ‘No, it’s on the bus.’”
It turned out Chiasson was unhappy with his original room and changed it.
“I can’t imagine this guy going back to his room and… ‘Why is all my stuff packed?’”

Because of this now funny revealed story, the man finally knows what happened to his stuff while he was gone. Chiasson, who is now a member of the Edmonton Oilers, will have quite the story to tell his grandkids one day, along with the fact that he is a Cup champion!