The most hated player in the NHL revealed!

You might be surprised...

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Just earlier this week, the Los Angeles Kings and the Calgary Flames faced off and the game, high in intensity, also revealed an interesting factor for fans all across the National Hockey League. 

We all have a player we dislike. Either it is because he is too good (Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby might not a bit about this) or because he is too flashy (P.K.Subban might get complaints here too...), but we rarely hear of a player of is the most hated in the League by other players... 

Well, Kings defenseman Drew Doughty has done the honours and revealed the most hated player in the league: Matthew Tkachuck.

Just on Thursday, during that said game, Tkachuk was doing anything he could to get under Doughty’s skin again and it appeared to work — until Doughty got the last laugh by assisting on the OT winner.

But after the game, Doughty wanted to make sure everyone knew that Tkachuk was the most hated player. 

I’m pretty sure he might be,” said the Kings defenseman in a one-on-one interview late Wednesday when asked if Tkachuk was the most hated player. “I have lots of friends on other teams and they don’t love him either. But whatever, that’s how he plays. All it does is fire guys up and guys take over games when that happens. Like tonight.

Last March, Tkachuk gave a vicious elbow to Doughty’s face, which prompted a two-game suspension for the player. 

He’s a pretty dirty player, that kid,” said Doughty after that game.

To be a rookie and play like that is a little surprising.

The kid was also suspended one game for unsportsmanlike conduct during a matchup against the Detroit Red Wings when he jumped off the bench to take part in a brawl. 

Who is your pick for the most hated player in the game?