The perfect setup for young hockey fans!

Game on!

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Mini sticks, knee hockey, whatever you want to call it… if you’re a hockey fan, chances are you spent hundreds of hours playing the game in hallways and basements during your youth. You pictured yourself scoring the game-winning goal of the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals! Wow! Now, just imagine how much more fun it were if you had your very own mini sticks rink.

Proludik Inc. is a Quebec, Canada based company that manufacturers some incredible indoor and outdoor toys, games and attractions, but its Ultra Light Inflatable Hockey Rink might just be the coolest of them all. Imagine facing off one on one or two on two with your friends and family in a safe, fun environment.  

The Ultra Light Inflatable Hockey Rink is, just as its name would have you believe, ultra light and sets up in minutes. It weighs 33 pounds and inflates in just two minutes. It requires only a standard 120 volt electrical hook up and its internal blower ensures that the it’ll stay inflated so long as it’s plugged in. It’s made from polyester, measures a whopping 16 feet by 10 feet and stands 5 feet tall. It’s light weight, yet durable and is guaranteed to provide you and your family with countless hours of exercise and entertainment.

With a smooth surface, sturdy side and end boards, built in goals and behind-goal netting, owning the Ultra Light Inflatable Hockey Rink is like owning your very own hockey rink. The goals measure 30 inches x 20 inches and the set comes complete with four sticks and a ball. Best of all, because the rink is made of such  a durable material, you can take it outside! Play indoors or outdoors in dry conditions. 

The Ultra Light Inflatable Hockey Rink retails for a reasonable $695 CAD plus taxes and delivery. Online purchasing is available soon and you can reserve your own rink by visiting their website.

Their website also has some cool images and videos of the Ultra Light Inflatable Hockey Rink to check out. Game on!