The return of Charlie McAvoy tonight?

Oh, baby! Say it’s so, Charles!

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According to a report from reporter Joe McDonald, Boston Bruins rookie Charlie McAvoy will make his long awaited return to the Bruins’ lineup tonight when the Bruins take on the rival Tampa Bay Lightning.

The 20 year old rookie defenseman has been out of the lineup since suffering an MCL sprain back on March 3rd. 

UPDATE: The Bruins have now confirmed that McAvoy will be back tonight against the Lightning.

Bruins to sit out Marchand?

Depending on who you talk to Boston Bruins superstar Brad Marchand either narrowly avoided a suspension for his cross check to the face of Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Andrew MacDonald or was forced to pay out of his pocket yet again for another transgression that did not merit supplemental discipline. 

In case you missed it, the NHL announced yesterday that they fined Marchand $5,000, the maximum allowable under the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement, for the hit on MacDonald:

With just seconds left in the second period of Sunday’s game between the Bruins and the Flyers, Marchand gets tangled up with MacDonald and ends up sticking him in the mouth.

Check it out:

For what it’s worth, Marchand earned himself a two minute minor for this transgression, so it’s not like he went completely unpunished. But of course, this is the Bruins and the NHL that we’re talking about so of course they made it their mission to extract some further discipline out of the event, hence the $5,000 fine. For Marchand though, this is simply the cost of doing business. He’s a player who walks the line every game, so he’s bound to cross it now and again. Big deal.

NBC Sports Boston reporter and Bruins insider Joe Haggerty however, feels that the time has come for head coach Bruce Cassidy to sit his star player out. Say what? 

In his latest article titled, “Time is nearing for B's to sit Marchand for his, and team's, own good” Haggerty makes the case for Cassidy to sit Marchand ahead of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. His reasoning? 

Let Marchand cool his jets for a couple of games, which has the double benefit of a) allowing him to rest up and b) removing the possibility he'll commit another meaningless, discipline-worthy act that could take him out of the lineup as the postseason begins.

So… we’re just treating a grown man like a misbehaving child then? Send him to his room to think about what he’s done? Get real. Brad Marchand knows exactly what he’s doing out on the ice… he’s more than capable of handling himself and he doesn’t need to be sat down to be taught a lesson. He’s done his time, paid his fine and you can bet your last dollar that he’ll come out like a rocket tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning

Keep doing your thing Marshy, forget the haters.