The time is NOW to trade top D-man who suffered gruesome injury

Has his value been compromised?

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It's crazy how so much can change in just one game. And it did for Chris Tanev - and the Vancouver Canucks - when he took a puck to the face in the first period of last Saturday's loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

He might had been mentioned in trade chatter before, but now, Mike Halford of The Athletic believes the time is now for the Canucks to shop him. The market for quality defender is quite soft at the moment, which could work in the favor of the Canucks, who are trying their best to rebuild for a stronger and better future. 

Vancouver could land an interesting return for Tanev, whose current contract expires in 2020. Halford also prefers to see the Canadian team bet on a younger player as the 28-year-old veteran could be a depreciating asset when the Canucks finally improve. 

Here is The Athletics' explanation on a potential return: 

TSN analyst Mike Johnson came on our show Thursday and suggested the assets would be significant.

“He would get great value. There would be large demand for Chris Tanev and his services around the NHL, that's for sure,” Johnson said. “He's a first-rounder [in return]. From a good team that's going to pick 28th or 29th, at the bottom of the first round? I think so.

“Or maybe not the best prospect, but the third or fourth best prospect in an organization.”

Has his value been compromised?

Last week, Tanev took a wrist shot from Leafs' Morgan Rielly to the face and dropped immediately to the ground in pain. He left the game and did not return, while teammate Michael Del Zotto was seen collecting Tanev's teeth from the ice.

In the end, it was revealed that Tanev lost a total of six and a half teeth on the play and will need surgery to repair the damage. 

"Doctors and dentists have done a good job up to this point. I still need some work done over the bye week but it's definitely getting better."

"My two front bottom teeth just got pushed all the way under my tongue," said Tanev.


The 28-year-old swill undergo surgery on his gums to remove shrapnel to fix damaged nerves and roots, which he'll have done while the Canucks are off from Jan. 14- 20.

No need to rush... 

While Halford makes a convincing case for the Canucks to shop Tanev and focus on the future of the team, there is no rush for it at the moment. If GM Jim Benning isn't able to find the right offer at the trade deadline, he could simply wait for the draft, or right before the free agency opens. 

It’s also possible there could be a change in management after this season - as Benning's return is not certain. This could have a major impact on the trade return Vancouver could land for Tanev.