Trade offer for Hoffman: the forward denies the interested team!

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No trade and no mouvement clauses are great for players looking to have control over negotiations and trade chatter. But it surely complicated things for new Stanley Cup contenders, who are not the best destination based on other social elements. Let's say, like the Winnipeg Jets. 

Winnipeg is a great place - don't get me wrong - but if more trade baits think like some of the San Jose Sharks players, the Jets are in trouble, even if they have a great shot at the postseason this year. In a video posted on the Sharks on NBC Sports California Twitter account at the start of January, three players were asked what the worst city to play in is, and all three answered Winnipeg.

"Winnipeg. Dark, cold, Internet is a little questionable," defenseman Justin Braun said. "Internet doesn’t work ever. I don’t know if they have Wi-Fi there yet."

"I think it’s Winnipeg because every time it’s so cold and dark there. I don’t like it there," added forward Tomas Hertl. And defender Tim Heed also agreed with the assessment that "it’s a bit cold."

In his recent 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman reports that a no-trade/no-movement clauses issue is complicating the Jets’ efforts to a player before the trade deadline. 

Of course, the Jets probably don't have an issue landing a rental player, who would come for the rest of the season and the playoffs, and then could happily test the free agency market in the summer, but the idea is quite different for players with years remaining on their current contracts. But let's not forge that the Jets are a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.

"If I was a rental, or even someone with a year left, I would be very interested in the Jets. This is such a crazy league with a thin margin for victory you can’t predict success. But, if I needed to be put into position for a big next contract, why not?" Friedman writes. 

"They have great talent, they score and the rewards are high if you succeed in Canada. Life is a gamble, this would be a good bet."

Friedman went on to say that the Jets also looked at Mike Hoffman but they’re not on his list of preferred trade destinations.

"The Jets took a look at Mike Hoffman, who has two years remaining. What a fit he would have been.

It was complex, as Winnipeg is on his no-trade list, which means the Senators had to ask high to even consider going to the player. No dice, both sides moves on."

Why should the Jets acquire a player who doesn’t want to be there? It is a good thing the Jets are getting back up and at the market, with five days to go, and not wasting time on Hoffman. They better find a forward that can help the team now and after, without upsetting team chemistry. 

Like Friedman said: "They have great talent, they score and the rewards are high if you succeed in Canada. Life is a gamble, this would be a good bet."