Two former NHLers get in brutal war of words over league's hottest issue!

This is painful to watch... they used to be best friends!

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Watching the National Hockey League Stanley Cup final between the Washington Capitals and the Vegas Golden Knights has been quite entertaining, however, in recent days, a more important issue has grab the attention of fans and players across the NHL. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has once again refused to acknowledge a possible link between concussions and neurodegenerative conditions, and it weighs heavily on the mind of retired players who are fighting for the cause. 

However, you would think that former players would rally together for the cause... During a heated war of words between two former NHLers on social media, we quickly came to the realization that not everyone is fighting for the cause... 

Former left wing Patrick O'Sullivan called out former enforcer Dan Carcillo on social media Saturday, after the latter posted another tweet on concussions and his fight for more awareness. 

It all started when O'Sullivan wondered why first overall projected pick Rasmus Dahlin was attending the combine this weekend in Buffalo on his Twitter account. Carcillo replied: 

"There shouldn’t be double standards for players. Just bc he is the best hockey player in the draft, doesn’t make him immune to proving himself at a young age. You need the other 712 players to make up the league of denial that he will play in, so why treat him any differently?"

O'Sullivan fired back with: "He’s going first overall and doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. Maybe you should go there and tell him Hockey is dangerous in case he hasn’t figured that out already too."

The former left winger was clearly firing a shot at Carcillo and his on-going battle with concussions. Carcillo tweeted back with the same message he has been advocating for years now: 

"That’s not my mission, nor my job. I’m advocating for proper diagnosis and care for a traumatic brain injury. God willing, he will be able to play a longer career, at a higher level with less man games lost for the @BuffaloSabres and fans. Everyone wins #TheMoreYouKnow."

And then, it got ugly. O'Sullivan fired back with this: 

"By attacking and alienating people on social media? You should be more honest about your own issues if you desperately want change and honesty from everyone else. You can’t fool the people who actually know you."

O'Sullivan and Carcillo were once considered to be best friends. Carcillo was reportedly O'Sullivan's best man at his wedding. Back in 2015, they were working together to create a support network that helps retired players deal with life after hockey. He first told him that he was not attacking and that everyone could see his journey on his Players Tribune videos. 

He then went on saying, they should agree to disagree and Carcillo left the conversation. 

This is painful to watch... they used to be best friends!