Update: Shocking development regarding truck driver charged in Humboldt Broncos crash

Are you kidding me!?

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In case you missed it, the Canadian Press reported last week that Calgary semi truck driver Jaskirat Sidhu had been charged for his role in the tragic crash that resulted in deaths of 16 members from the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League.

Today, Sidhu was in court in Melfort, Saskatchewan where he was officially released after posting $1,000 bail. The court case has been officially set to begin on Augst 21st, 2018.

Check out this account of today’s developments, courtesy of theScore:

Sidhu was arrested on July 6 and charged for 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death, and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily injury. While on bail, the Calgary native can’t operate a motor vehicle and must give up his passport.
The parents of Adam Herold, one of the Humboldt Broncos players killed in the crash, filed a lawsuit against the Calgary-based trucking company and the bus manufacturer, as  [reported](  by The Canadian Press.
The lawsuit alleges that Sidhu only received two weeks of training before his first route, and failed to adhere to a stop sign before colliding with the Broncos’ bus.
The RCMP won’t release any further details regarding the lengthy investigation which led to the lone arrest of the 29-year-old Sidhu. The next court appearance is set for Aug. 21 in Melfort, Saskatchewan.

Understandably, friends and family members of those lost in the tragic accident are shocked and dismayed at the idea of Sidhu walking out of court a free man. Doubly so when you see that Sidhu was required to post only a measly $1,000 for his freedom.

Sidhu, for what it's worth, was not injured in the crash and was briefly taken into police custody before being released the same evening.

If it’s in fact true that Sidhu was operating his semi truck with inadequate training, both Sidhu and the owners/operators of his parent company could be facing significant jail time for their role in this awful, awful tragedy. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what these families, specifically the parents of these children, must be feeling right now. As always, we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. #HumboldtStrong