Vegas brothel has a special offer for Golden Knights

Only in Vegas! Warning: NSFW images.

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The craziest story in sports this year just got a little crazier. The Western Conference Champion Vegas Golden Knights, now just four wins away from capturing the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season, have been the most inexplicable team in sports the past year and really… the competition isn’t even close. Never in history has a expansion team experienced so much success during their first season in ANY professional sport. 

And with Vegas now on the verge of truly making history, a local business is stepping up to make sure that the Golden Knights are properly motivated to bring home the Cup. The offer? A free celebratory team sex party courtesy of the world famous Sheri’s Ranch brothel. Yes, that's right. A free team sex party.

Here’s the full story, courtesy of (who else?) TMZ Sports:

A rep for Sheri's Ranch tells TMZ Sports ... they've noticed an uptick in business during the team's insane run -- and the girls have decided they want to show their appreciation.
Dena -- the madam of the bordello -- says, "If the Golden Knights win, we all win. Offering the team a victory celebration at our adult resort is the least we can do."
"The victory party will involve the full complement of over two dozen gorgeous women and the entire sex menu will be available to any and all players wishing to partake of the brothel’s highly coveted erotic services -- compliments of the house."
Allissa -- one of the prostitutes -- added, "If the Knights go all the way, I’ll go all the way."

You just can’t make this stuff up. Only in Vegas. Only in Vegas…

Truthfully though, there's no more fitting way for Vegas to end their inaugural season than with a drunken team sex party at a Nevada ranch. It seems like the most fitting way for the NHL's newest team to wrap up their first season. The only problem however is... will we officially see the tradition of kissing the Stanley Cup come to an end? After all, who's going to kiss that thing after Vegas gets through with it? Yikes.