Vegas needs to tidy off-the-ice scandal before Conference finals!

This could be an obstacle in the road for the Golden Knights...

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At this point in the year, the Vegas Golden Knights’ focus should be entirely on the upcoming round of the playoffs, where they will be facing the Winnipeg Jets or Nashville Predators in the Western Conference finals. The Knights eliminated the San Jose Sharks in six games in the second round, and have been waiting for their next opponents since Sunday night. They have however been quite busy with an off-the-ice issue… 

The Golden Knights need to be warning fans to beware of fake tickets for the upcoming Western Conference Final. A limited number of tickets for that series go on sale tomorrow and there is intense chatter that some people could be sold fake tickets before the first game of the series. 

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Vegas experienced more than 20 fraudulent tickets through the first two rounds of the playoffs already. While the first two games of the Conference finals will not be taking place in Vegas - the first two games will be in either Winnipeg or Nashville depending on the outcome of Thursday night’s Game 7 between the Jets and Predators - the team is already getting ready for the third contest of that series and warning fans in advance. The first home game will be Game 3, which starts at 6 p.m. May 16 at T-Mobile Arena. Game 4 will start at 5 p.m. on May 18.

The Las Vegas Sun also published pictures of fake tickets that were confiscated by the Golden Knights in the previous rounds. 

The team likes to remind the fan base that the safest way to purchase tickets is through the team's website or on StubHub, which is the official secondary market ticket provider of the team.

Similar to the first two rounds, the team is expecting fewer than 1,000 tickets to be available for sale on Thursday after all pre-sales, however prices are said to be going up quite a bit for the Western Conference Finals games. The Sun notes that tickets prices are going up approximately 50 percent from the second-round prices.

With the Golden Knights taking care of this issue and hoping to tidy up sales before the tickets go out to the public tomorrow, they can now get back to getting ready for the first Conference finals and possibly make it to the Stanley Cup one.