Vegas now faces the most complex situation of the summer!

They must find a solution here!

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Don't worry here, we are not once again talking about the ongoing trade talks with the Ottawa Senators to land star defenseman Erik Karlsson. While that situation is somewhat complicated, it is not as complex as another important one the Vegas Golden Knights are facing this summer. 

This past week in the National Hockey League, there were 44 restricted free agents to officially file for salary arbitration. According to NBC Sports, the Golden Knights and forward William Karlsson have become one of the most difficult and complex contract situations out of the entire restricted free agents group.

It seems like a happy problem in one way for Vegas as the star forward had an outstanding first season with the new NHL franchise. He finished as the NHL’s third-leading goal-scorer with 43 tallies and was a major part of the Golden Knights' postseason success as well. 

Of course, his recent performances justify a significant pay raise over the $1 million salary he made the past two years, however it remains to be seen how committed Vegas will be with one of their best players. 

What is wrong, you wonder? NBC Sports explains it: 

"The problem for Karlsson is that Vegas has every reason to be skeptical that this type of performance is repeatable. His 23.4 percent shooting percentage was not only the best mark in the NHL, it was the third-highest mark of any NHL player over the past 20 years, finishing behind only Mike Ribeiro’s 25.2 mark in 2007-08 and Curtis Glencross’ 23.6 in 2011-12. That number is almost certain to regress this upcoming season, which would mean an obvious decrease in goals."

It appears that signing Karlsson to long-term contract is too much of a risky situation for Vegas... 

"Given that Karlsson only has one year of this level of production to his credit the Golden Knights are going to have a pretty compelling case in arbitration, meaning there probably is not much reason for them to come forward with any sort of a sizable contract offer — even on a short-term bridge deal."

It seems almost impossible for Karlsson to fully cash in on his great production. Let's see if he can prove all of us wrong, especially the Golden Knights!