Veteran defenseman could choose retirement over deadline trade!

Another potential deadline target takes himself off the market?

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For days to go, people, and several National Hockey League players are waiting to see where they will end up at the trade deadline. While they may be taking a look at coveted defender Ryan McDonagh, who the New York Rangers have recently placed on the block, there are other options on the blue line as you may see Detroit Red Wings rental Mike Green and Pittsburgh Penguins' Matt Hunwick on the move. 

And let's not forget the reported from TSN insider Darren Dreger, who revealed last week that the Buffalo Sabres could move Josh Gorges at the trade deadline on the air Buffalo's WGR 550 radio station. The 33-year-old defender is in the final season of his contract and the Sabres are even expected to be willing to absorb half of his $3.9-million cap hit. 

"Final year of his contact, but the cap hit is a problem at $3.9 million. The Buffalo Sabres have let it be known they're willing to eat 50% of his cap hit," reported Dreger.

While there are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins still on the market for a defender, Dreger added that the St. Louis Blues could seek a depth defenseman and believes the Winnipeg Jets have inquired about him to land help on the blue line. Therefore, the Sabres could manage to move Gorges. 

"I do believe he will be traded. I believe that Jason Botterill is going to do everything in the power of the Buffalo Sabres to give this guy a playoff opportunity. He's been a terrific pro, and an excellent leader within this organization. He deserves it," explained Dreger as transcribed on the WGR 550 website. 

"I know there's been interest. Look at a team like St. Louis for example. They might be looking for a depth defenseman, someone that can give them honest minutes. St. Louis is a cap team, so maybe even half the cap hit is a problem, but maybe there's another piece that can be thrown in to soften it. Winnipeg is another team that's kicked tires, and there could be others."

Joshes, who has just amassed two assists in 26 games with Buffalo, has struggled in the past years, and has not been the player he once was for example with the Montreal Canadiens, before a trade sent him off to the Sabres. However, Dreger believes the veteran defenseman deserves another chance and could help a contender down the line. 

"Just based on his reputation and the will to compete, I think Josh Gorges will get traded."

Hold up - there might be an issue right here. After hearing about the rumors, Gorges revealed to the Buffalo Times Herald that he is uncertain about his future in the league.

“Everything kind of goes through your mind,” he said – have been running through Gorges’ head.

“Do you get traded? What happens there? You think about your family situation. Do I not see my kids for a little while, my wife?” he said. “There’s a lot more to it than just the hockey side of things you think about.”

Gorges added that he would enjoy to get back to enjoying hockey, while ignoring a question on whether he would prefer to stay in Buffalo or get traded to another club. He hinted at a possible retirement instead. 

“Players always talk about being able to leave and exit the game on their own terms,” he said. “Not too many guys get that luxury.”

“You want to be part of the group that turns things around and figures it out and takes that next step, and so it’s felt like a bit of a failure, to be honest with you, because we haven’t achieved what I hoped we would by this point,” he said. “And so as a guy like myself, that eats you up.

Let's see what Gorges chooses to do - there is still a few days to think about it...