Weber back on the trade block in shocking turn of events!

Another blow in Montreal...

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When it rains, it pours, and despite the heat wave in Montreal, things have gone for the worse in just the past few weeks when it was revealed that veteran defenseman Shea Weber would be out for half of the season after undergoing unexpected surgery to repair a meniscal tear in his right knee. This procedure was performed on June 19 by Dr. LaPrade at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado, but the Canadiens waited weeks to inform media and their fans, who purchased their tickets for the next season in the meantime. 

While many local pundits beg fans not to place the blame on the shoulders of the veteran defender, it seems like Weber will be finding himself in a controversial spot this season. According to a local insider, the webpage Dans Les Coulisses, who posted the information in French on their Twitter account, Weber could be placed back on the trade block in March by the team that landed him in a blockbuster trade for P.K. Subban back in the summer of 2016. 

The rumour was explained by Martin McGuire on the air of Montreal's 98.5 FM on Friday, who revealed that the Habs are expected to listen in on offers for Weber closer to the trade deadline if the Canadiens are once again out of the playoff race. McGuire believes that the reason why the Canadiens did not reveal more details on the defenseman's injuries if to protect his trade value on the market. 

In the recent weeks it has been revealed that Montreal is looking around the market for quality defensemen to take over during Weber's absence. GM Marc Bergevin could also be looking at options that would take over for him if they move him at the trade deadline. The Canadiens will have to wait ands see how long Weber is on the sideline and if he can be back to his old self once he returns to action. Then, they will have a better idea of his trade value. 

This would be quite the shocking turn of events in Montreal, especially since Weber has been seen as one of the best leaders on the roster. With ongoing rumors of captain Max Pacioretty being on his way out, the loss of Weber in the dressing room would be another blow to the Habs and fans would have to accept a complete rebuild at that point. 

There are still several months to go... let's see if Bergevin will think about this some more.