What ever happened to the Leafs’ 14th Stanley Cup?

The Toronto Star’s Kevin McGran addresses the mystery surrounding the removal of the team's1914 Stanley Cup victory.

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Real quick… how many Stanley Cups have the Toronto Maple Leafs won? Trick question, because we’d have accepted two answers: 13 or 14. Technically speaking the “Leafs” have only won 11, but the Toronto St. Pats won one, as did the Toronto Arenas. Effectively, these teams are all one in the same.

Now, the interesting bit is that the Toronto Blueshirts, essentially the same team as the Arenas, won the 1914 Stanley Cup as part of the National Hockey Association. Up until recently that championship was always included in the Leaf’s history. Now, however, it’s been removed from the record books.

In his latest article for the Toronto Sun, Leafs columnist Kevin McGran tries to uncover the mystery as to why the 1914 Stanley Cup championship has been removed from the team’s record books. 

The NHL Guide and Record book used to acknowledge that 14th Cup, albeit with an asterisk, as recently as 2015-16, as belonging to the Maple Leafs. But the Leafs wanted no part of it. The Guide and Record book today acknowledges 13 Cups. No asterisk.

Interestingly enough, the Montreal Canadiens lay claim to 24 Stanley Cup Championships, 23 in the NHL and one in the NHA.

For a fascinating look back at the Leafs’ early history and to get a better understanding of why the team elected to distance itself from the 1914 championship team, check out McGran’s article below: