Wings coach throws his own player under the bus after crazy loss!

Now was THAT necessary!?!?

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The New York Islanders scored a franchise-record four goals in the same power play late in the third period to overcome a three-goal deficit on route to to a crazy 7-6 overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings.

Yeah, it happened, despite the Wings building a 5-2 lead in the third period when the costly penalty took place. Tyler Bertuzzi delivered a deliberate, two-handed slash to the back of Cal Clutterbuck’s legs and was tossed from the game, leaving the Wings shorthanded for five minutes.

While the penalty was deliberate, the veteran Islander surely sold it well. 

However, coach Jeff Blashill was quick to throw his own young player under the bus after the loss.

We can control one thing, that’s our actions and our attitude,” Blashill said to the media after the game. “We can’t take a penalty at that point in the game. You can’t take a retaliatory penalty. It was unnecessary."

The game is over. We’ve taken their life away and then we gave them life.”

Bertuzzi tried to explain that he was only responding to Clutterbuck's crosscheck, but he's the one that got caught. 

I was skating to the bench and he kind of pushed me,” Bertuzzi said. “It was heat of the moment. I just turned and slashed. I don’t think it deserved a five, but I think it deserved a two-minute penalty. 

“It was more or less just sticking up for myself and not taking stuff from anyone. I’m a young guy in the league. It was heat of the moment. I regret it, but at the end of the day, I don’t think it was a five-minute penalty.”

Maybe Blashill should have stuck up for his own player too... What do you think Wings fans?