NHL News : Worrisome update on Canucks' Hughes...
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Worrisome update on Canucks' Hughes...

This is not what fans want to hear...

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The past few seasons have been quite hard on Vancouver Canucks fans and, to be honest, they just took on one huge blow at the end of the regular calendar when both Henrik and Daniel Sedin announced their retirement. They have been through enough, don't you think? 

So now, while the Canadian team is looking at ways to better the roster to become once again a contending club, fans anxiously await to see if Quinn Hughes will turn pro in 2018-19. 

To be fair, the Canucks fan base is used to having to wait on young prospects to turn pro: Vancouver has rarely turned a player professional in the same year it drafted him, but what if Hughes is the exception to the rule this season... 

Hughes was taken with the seventh-overall pick in this year’s draft and appears to be ready to make an immediate impact on the Canucks roster, however, fans have gotten worried about the possibility of seeing him in the lineup when Rick Dhaliwal of Sportsnet 650 revealed that the Canucks have yet to make a decision on the young blue liner for the 2018-19 season.

There is no timetable either for when the decision will be made for Hughes and the Canucks... 

In an interview with Sportsnet’s Mike Johnson last week, University of Michigan head coach Mel Pearson said that he thinks Hughes could use another year of college hockey. Maybe the Canucks or even Hughes himself were affected by the comments and the young defender will wait out another year? 

While fans may see this update as worrisome and concerning news, we have to admit that the Canucks have to do what they think is best for Hughes’ development. Fans witnessed first hand when an extra year in college did for rookie Brock Boeser, and the same could be said and done for Hughes...

Boeser himself commented the situation and what might be best for Hughes at this point in his young career. When Dhaliwal asked him about remaining in college an additional year, Boeser seemed to think it was very beneficial to his career. 

"I know my second year really helped me a lot, off ice I really think I got a lot stronger."

This might have helped him overcome his injuries that cut his first NHL season short. On the subject, Boeser was able to reassure fans that he was back to 100% healthy and ready for next season. 

It might be the only thing to reassure Canucks fans for now, as we have yet to hear what will be next for Hughes at this time. 

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