Your Call: Did the Leafs pay too much for Plekanec?

Three young assets for a 35-year-old rental… worth it?

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In case you somehow missed all the trade action in the NHL over the past 48 hours, the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired veteran centre Tomas Plekanec from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange AHL players Kerby Rychel, Rinat Valiev and a 2nd round pick.

It’s also worth nothing that the Habs pick up half of Plekanec’s salary in the deal, as well:

It’s also particularly interesting to note that, according to Sportsnet’s Eric Engels, Plekanec is open to the idea of returning to Montreal during the offseason:

If this plays out, Plekanec will have been a pure rental for the Leafs… one that cost them three future assets. So we ask you, Leafs Feed, is it worth it?

Of course, like any trade, it all depends on the result. If Plekanec is hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head at the Air Canada Centre come June, this trade will absolutely, 100% be worthwhile. But, if the Leafs peter out and put forth a bad effort in the playoffs this trade will have a different look to it.

It’s easy to understand why Leafs general manager Lou Lamoriello was so aggressive in pursuit of Plekanec. The 35-year-old center brings a wealth of experience to a young Leafs lineup and gives the team some excellent depth down the middle of the ice.

“We’re extremely pleased with this group,” said Lamoriello to reporters following yesterday’s trade deadline. “What we set out to do was add a centre ice man with experience and we were able to do that.”

“Right now, we did have the opportunity to get Tomas Plekanec and he fits right in with what we are trying to do and where we are going,” continued Lamoriello. “He is a consummate professional and he can play. He knows how to play the game and we’ve solidified our centre position, which I think we all know how important that is.”

So again, Leafs Feed, we ask you: did the Leafs pay too much for Plekanec?