Abdelkader doubles over Mayfield with a brutal spear to the groin.

His grand-kids will feel that one.

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New York Islanders' defenseman Scott Mayfield was lucky he didn't limp away from this one. 

On Tuesday night Mayfield and Detroit Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader got into a physical battle in front of the Islanders net and late in the first period tempers boiled over on both sides. 

Mayfield provoked the anger of Abdelkader by dumping him onto his back, and Abdelkader decided to take his revenge by going downstairs on Mayfield. Abdelkader delivered a brutal shot to the groin of Mayfield doubling him over in pain in the process. 

While Abdelkader was provoked, he was lucky to only walk away with a two-minute minor for what was a rather blatant cheap shot, one that clearly had ill-intent behind it.