Breaking: Koivu's face split open by huge blindside hit.

That's gonna leave a scar.

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It's no surprise that Buffalo Sabres defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen was ejected for this hit considering just how much damage was immediately visible on the face of Minnesota Wild captain Mikko Koivu.

During the very first period of their Thursday night match up Ristolainen caught Koivu with a blindside hit, and while the Wild broadcast claimed that he got his elbow up high, it's been difficult to tell from the limited replays that are available. 

What isn't in doubt however is the fact that Ristolainen clearly interfered with Koivu and he was given a game misconduct as well as a 5 minute major penalty. Kouivu also left the game, presumably for repairs, although there is some speculation that he may also be going through the National Hockey League's concussion protocol.

Here's the replay.