Bruins rookie McAvoy gives Pierre-Luc Dubois a beating.

Wild fight between two young men.

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This was one fight with a clear cut winner. 

Boston Bruins rookie Charlie McAvoy delivered a solid hit to Columbus Blue Jackets rookie Pierre-Luc Dubois on Monday night early in the first period, and Dubois quickly let McAvoy know he didn't like it very much.

Almost immediately after getting int he face of McAvoy Dubois hit him with a short punch, while the gloves were still on, and that led to both men dropping the gloves for a fight. 

While Dubois seemed to control McAvoy early with some short punches, once the Bruins rookie broke free he landed two heavy shots, an overhand followed by an uppercut, that clearly hurt Dubois.

The referees came in to say Dubois as the two men crashed to the ice.