Fan who catches the Silver Medal takes off his jersey and shocks everyone!

Oh my god!

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First and foremost if you missed the video of Team Sweden captain Lias Andersson throwing his Silver Medal into the crowd, you should go watch that first for some context. The video can be found on our website here.

While of course Andersson's act of frustration will almost certainly be grabbing all the headlines following this game, there was another part to his Silver Medal being thrown into the crowd that was entirely unbelievable. 

That's because of the unidentified man who caught the medal and quickly put it around his neck. While the man appeared to be a fan of Team USA, as he was wearing a jersey with "America" written across it, he had a surprise of his own for the already stunned fans in attendance. 

The man pulled off his jersey to reveal another jersey underneath and that turned out to be just another version of the USA jersey, no big deal right? Until he pulled off that jersey as well and revealed a third jersey underneath his first two, a jersey bearing the colors of Lias Andersson's country, Sweden. 

You can't make moments like this up, and that's why they seem so special when they happen.