Must see: Kadri tears out a chunk of Thornton's beard!

He yanked out the man's beard!

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You don't just rip out a man's beard like that!

Earlier tonight we brought you the video of the brief fight between Toronto Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri and San Jose Sharks veteran forward Joe Thornton, but apparently we missed one crucial detail in that fight. 

When the fight begins you can see each man grabbing one-another's jerseys as they jostle for position, however it appears that Kadri never really got a hold of Thornton's jersey and instead grabbed his beard.

The end result was Kadri ripping out a huge junk of Jumbo Joe's beard in the process and in the photos below you can clearly see just how bad the damage to Thornton's magnificent beard is.

If you missed the fight you can watch it here.