Orlov goes after Marchand but Marchand fights back!

Orlov got saved by his teammates.

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Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand is one of the most hated men in the National Hockey League. That comes largely from the fact that fans have a perception of him as an agitator that isn't willing to fight but that isn't entirely accurate. 

While of course it's true that Marchand likes to get under the skin of his opposition, something that has resulted in him crossing the line on a number of occasions, he is also a player willing to fight when he feels it's necessary. 

On Thursday night Washington Capital Dmitry Orlov learned that lesson the hard way when he got up in the face of Marchand and ate a solid right hand as a result of it. 

In this instance it was Marchand who was looking for the fight while Orlov was backing down seemingly having regretted his decision to get physical with the Bruins forward. In fact Orlov was lucky that teammate Tom Wilson dove in to drag Marchand down to the ground because Marchand had already dropped the gloves and was swinging.