Violent crash into the boards leaves two players hurt.

This looked horrific.

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My first thought when watching this was that Arizona Coyotes star defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson has just suffered a severe spinal injury. 

In one of the most horrific looking incidents of the National Hockey League season thus far, Ekman-Laarsson and Tampa Bay Lightning veteran forward Ryan Callahan went crashing into the boards during a battle for he puck.

It looked initially like Ekman-Larsson by far got the worst of the impact but he actually managed to get back to his feet and didn't seem to be in bad shape, Callahan on the other hand was a different story. 

He immediately skated off the ice while clutching his right arm, which hung limp at his side, indicating that he may have suffered a significant injury to that part of his body. 

Hopefully both guys are going to be ok,